Share and sync data instantly.

Dat is an open source, decentralized data-sharing tool for sharing datasets, small and large.
Install now
You will need node.js to install the dat command-line tool.
npm install -g dat
$ dat link
Creating share link for 3 files, 2 folders, 1.3 GB total
Fingerprinting file contents (3/3)
Link: dat://c3fcbcdcf03360529b47df32ccfb9bc1d7f64aaaa41cca43ca9ac7f6778db8da
Sharing data on port 3282, connected to 0 peers
$ dat dat://c3fcbcdcf03360529b47df32ccfb9bc1d7f64aaaa41cca43ca9ac7f6778db8da
Downloaded 1/4 files (2.44 MB/s, 26.53 MB total)
Connected to 1/2 peers
Distributed Sync
Inspired by the best parts of Git and BitTorrent, Dat shares versioned data through a decentralized network.
Intelligent Storage
Dat deduplicates data between versions, reducing bandwidth costs and improving speed.
Use it anywhere
There’s a desktop application, a command-line tool, and a Python client library.
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